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Imagine walking to a corner of your bedroom and traveling by elevator up to a private office or down to a secluded cinema. At Austral Star it is possible and AFFORDABLE. Our personal elevator has a platform size of 3ft SQ and takes up an overall foot print of 4' 6" SQ which includes the support columns. Of course you could use the elevator in common areas to access multiply floors in your home. If your home is already built a retrofit version is available for mounting on the outside of your home.

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Current lead time 10-12 weeks after receipt of order.

FOB Ogden, UT

Standard Specifications:

Car Inside Dimensions 3' wide x 3' deep x 7' high

Capacity 500 lbs

Speed 40 FPM

Hall Doors 3' wide x 7' high with steel frame 1.5 hr fire rated

Electrical power 220 VAC

Telephone in car

Hoisting machine - Two horsepower geared traction

Car guides - Quiet polyurethane wheels

Car interior - Customizable

Floor arrival chime

Overload alarm

Personal Elevator